Rapid Stock Checker is a free and intuitive service that tracks gaming products – ranging from graphic cards and CPUs to consoles – and notifies users instantly as soon as their favorite products are back in stock through our website and Discord Server. Inspired by the need to connect gaming enthusiasts to their favorite products the moment they become available, the exponential growth of the gaming industry, as well as a vision to make this platform entirely free, Rapid Stock Checker aims to build a community of happy consumers who get the gaming products they are looking for – and that usually sell out in a matter of seconds – instantly.
We check stock of hundreds of items every minute. We send out alerts when an item is in stock and is also able to be purchased. Sometimes items are back in stock, but the retailer has not enabled the ability to add to cart or checkout. Another reason is that few stock was replenished for the item(s) in question.

There could also be huge demand for an item and all existing stock is sold within a couple minutes (seconds even). Rest assured that when we alert you, the product was in stock. Once you click a link to the retailer it is the faith of their systems that will determine whether you are able to complete a purchase. We sincerely hope that you make it through and can make the purchase.
Yes, of course.
Created by gamers, still in their senior year of college (who happen to know a thing or two about programming) we sought to help fellow gamers get the GPU’s and consoles they’ve been itching to buy. It all started when NVIDIA announced the RTX 30 series cards. After seeing the large increase in performance over the last generation, the internet was set ablaze with an unholy amount of hype. Not to mention the next gen consoles around the corner, adding more fuel to the fire. Launch day came and it went in just a couple of minutes. All stock depleted and no restocks in sight. Days, weeks, even months go by without a lick of new stock. Scalpers everywhere, exorbitant prices, it was getting out hand. MSRP was just a dream, a fairytale almost.

This is where we decided that we wanted to step in and assist in the process of hunting down products brand new at MSRP. Competition is fierce we know we need to prioritize speed and boy did we manage. Less than 100 milliseconds of time for stock detection on hundreds of products. Over many nights between exams and classes we created this wonderful site and Discord server, fully autonomous and ready for battle. We are proud to bring this service to you, we hope that it helps you get what you’re looking for. Thank you for reading and visiting, stay safe and God speed.
A great question, and a question we ask ourselves all the time. Simply put we track retailers that offer affiliate status or partnerships. This is also how we earn our commission and in turn enable Rapid Stock Checker to remain free to use. After we establish this status, we optimize stock tracking down to the millisecond to ensure that you get your alerts as fast as possible.
It does, and so do our developers. Here's a link to the playlist ⚡🤘